Hiya there!

My name is Connor Grant and I'm a "media & marketing specialist" !

(I know, it's a fancy name that I've given myself, right?)

The way I usually describe myself to new clients is this;

I am, your all round media "go-to guy!"

Trust me, I've been asked lots of questions about what I can and can't do... there's simply so much that it would clutter this website so please don't hesitate to drop me an email and ask! 

Most media companies have one or two specialised roles that they cater to, but that's my selling point. I've been interested in anything media whether it be videography, photography, graphics & web design since I was 10, so I chose to learn most roles within each of those categories and am qualified to produce high-quality and professional content whatever the case may be.

I run a media company called GrantStudios and most people just like a one-source contact or "media guy" they can contact rather than go through the

receptionist > marketing researcher > media operator > media creator > etc. etc. etc. which I totally understand! Soooo, this is your one-stop shop for commercials, product photography, portraits, 360° virtual tours, menu design, posters, graphics, social media marketing (the list goes on!).

That's my little blurb about myself and what I do, I could write for hours but I won't bore you.


So please don't hesitate to drop me an email or and

we'll get started on your next project!